Rain lily

When I went to the plant nursery two years ago, I brought some plants and one of them was Rain lily. I am not using a word here to buy because I am no one to buy the creation of our mother earth. Whenever me and my husband go to the plant nursery we always argue each other on selection of plants.

My 4 year old daughter enjoys nursery flowers view alot! The satisfaction that comes from seeing her is sky high. But whenever I see her roaming in those flowers, I feel like my little bud is growing now.

“Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your soul. ” – Luther Burbank (Horticulturist) 

Rain lily scientific name is Zephyranthes candida. Zephyranthes symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings and big expectations.

Rain lily don’t need much care just 3 things are required proper sunlight, watering on regular basis and in between compost. This is hardy plant too I am sure you will get good blooming in its season from late spring through early summer, sometimes earlier during rainy season. Once they are established in their bed or container, foliage will spread, bloom and multiply.

Flowers share their happiness with the world when they bloom. My lilies bloom when very few of the other flowers bloom. So my lilies get more attention during summers.

That’s all about fairy lilies.

Stay happy and healthy.

Why to grow Money Plant

        When I say Money plant! What comes first in your mind is the money! You will wonder what is the relation between money and the plant? Many people believe that if they grow this plant they will experience opulence.

        In Vastushastra (techtonics) money plant probably tops the list. It is characterised by its green and shiny heart shaped leaves and ornamental appeal. It adds aesthetic value to your home. We use so much of artificial furniture and fixture in our home which increase the toxicity. So there is solution like growing some plants in your home.

         Money plant can grow well in less light too. It possess the ability to filter the air and activate the flow of positive energies in the house. It absorbs lot of radiations generated in house through wifi, microwaves by absorbing radiations it replaces with high quality breathable oxygen. Even study report by NASA on money plant says that money plant is renowed for its ability to remove chemicals and other pollutants from the air specifiacally benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.

         Money plant is beautiful in appeal and also soothes our eyes, it attracts peace and tranqility in the house. I don’t know whether you believe in vastu or not but one thing I can surely say that ” If you care for someone with dedication that dedication is the sign of your willingness to win over every aspect of life”.

         In our life we do require love and care from our family and friends which motivates and nourishes us through out the life. Similarly plants require nutrients, water and light to grow and flourish. Money plant require very less care. It the easiest plant to start with which gives touch of nature to our home.

         Basically money plant requires nutrients, water and light source. I use compost every month to fertilize my money plant which help them to grow foliage. You can grow it’s clippings in water, you just need to change water frequently. Use of tap water will provide necessary nutrients and minerals. If you want to grow them fast best medium is the soil. For healthy growth of the plant cut the dried yellow leaves. Water your plant only if top layer of the soil gets dried up.

         So go on to grow some bushier money plant to decorate and purify your home.

As soon as rain starts

Hello everyone!

     This is my first blog writing it for the first time. Now here the season which I am waiting for will arrive soon in 2 or 3 days. Rainy days are different from any other days. They hold great importance in everyone’s life differently. People have different reasons to wait for the rainy season eagerly. After all, it brings a sigh of relief for everyone. No matter what the weather may be, a rainy day relaxes and soothes our soul. There is no age limit to enjoy rainy days people of almost every age enjoy it equally. I await for rain form my balcony garden because rain water has more energy which require for every plant to bloom.

           When I bought my own flat I started with just two palm plants. Once I visited my aunts home she had lots of collection of plants in her balcony. Her balcony motivated me to increase the number of plants at my home. She gave some to propogate them like bryophyllum, bramha kamal, spider plant. Some collection of money plants and phylodendron gifted by my uncle too. I grew them very well taking all the care they needed. This is how my dedication towards plantation incresed. Now I am having total of 58 plants at home. Some at the entrance,in living, kitchen, dining and not but the most in the balcony.

         When I wake up in the morning everyday I first see my plants. I feel so relax when I look at them. I have my cup of tea with them and I really feel like they are talking to me, you will realize when you have them in your balcony when you take care of them like your babies! Your inner soul also feel that they are taking care of you!

        I request to all my readers during this lockdown period each and everyone should utilise time and grow some plants it will not only decorate your garden or balcony but also give peace, energy which help you to develop a positive aura around you.

Stay happy, stay blessed!